Florida Photo Caravan 3rd Shoot: Horse & Rider

© Rick Sammon
We're just back from the 3rd shoot of my Florida Photo Caravan: Horse & Rider on the beach.

Once again, we had great light - and a great horse and rider. And of course a great group. Who could ask for more?

– Experiment with slow and fast shutter speeds to blur and freeze the action, respectively.
– Shoot on rapid frame advance so you get a shot with the horse with all the hooves off the ground.
– Don't have the horizon line running through the rider's neck.
– Leave some room in the frame into which the horse can "run."

I enhanced this picture with the Pastel filter in Nik's Color Efex Pro. Then I used the Smooth and Flat filter in Topaz Adjust.

To read about the creative plug-ins I use, and to save a few bucks on plug-ins, click here.

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By the way, when we arrived at the beach, we were totally socked in by fog! No worries. We made pictures until it got a bit brighter. Patience pays . . . .

Explore the light,

P.S. Here's an iPhoine "Behind the scenes by Susan" shot. Read about her cool iPhone lenses here.