Florida Photo Caravan 4th and 5th Shoots: Merritt Island

© Rick Sammon
It's day two of my Florida Photo Caravan and all the workshop participants continue to explore the light.

This afternoon we shot at Merritt Island. Talk about great sunsets. I used my Canon 7D and my Canon 100-400mm IS lens for both of these sunset shots.

© Rick Sammon
Sunset Tips:
– Place the  sun off center.
– Pray for clouds.
– Underexpose a bit to prevent the sun from being overexposed.
– Pray for clouds. :-)
– If possible, place the sun behind an object: tree, clouds, fence, person, and so on.
– Use a low ISO to get the cleanest possible picture.
– Remove all filters when shooting into the sun to avoid ghost images.

© Rick Sammon
I also used my 100-400mm IS lens for all my birds shots, too. More to come. Gotta finishing downloading and getting ready for tomorrow.

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© Rick Sammon. Talk about the "S" curve in nature.
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© Rick Sammon. A min-blast off at Merritt Island. How cool.
Explore the light,

We're just back from our 5th shoot: Merritt Island in the AM. This morning we focused on BIF shots - Birds in Flight. For shot like this, use a shutter speed of 1/1000th second or higher.