5 Days of 5D Mark III Shots: Day 1

All this week on my blog: Canon 5D Mark III photographs from my Light workshop in Alaska with Hal "Bull" Schmitt aboard the Northern Song.

Simply put: The workshop/cruise was one of the most productive trips I've ever taken, and the images are among my favorites - in subject matter/diversity and in image quality.

All the shots in this series of post were hand-held. All the shots were cropped . . . and still look great, even when enlarged, thanks to the image quality of the camera's sensor. (Those who know me know that I am a nut about cropping.)

Bald eagle photography tips:
- Set a goal. Rather than taking pictures in one session of the eagles against the sky, the water, the trees, etc., shoot for just one type of shot. This  technique will reduce the number of variables - especially when it comes to getting a good exposure.
- Use AI Servo focus to get sharp shots of fast-flying eagles.
- If the eye is not in focus and well lit, you've missed the shot.
- Make sure the white feathers are not overexposed. This is a must. Make sure your highlight alert is on. Use exposure composition to fine-tune your exposures.
- Check your histogram to make sure you don't have a spike on the right.
- When framing, leave some space into which the eagle can fly.
- Use one focus point and place that point on the eagle. 
- Practice photographing birds in your backyard before you go on a trip.
- Shoot with both eyes open so you can see what's happening outside the viewfinder.

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 70-200mm IS f/4
Click here for Light's Alaska workshops. I don't know which one I'll be on in 2013, but I will know soon!

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Hal and I hope to see you in Alaska aboard the Norther Song, whose master and commander is Captain Dennis Rogers. The best of the best.

Above: Speaking of bald eagles and the Northern Song, workshop participant Mike Cullivan got this great shot of both . . . pre a "Beer Pick Me Up."

Above: Beer pick-me-ups are a tradition on our Alaska workshop.

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