5 Days of 5D Mark III Shots: Day 2

All this week on my blog: Canon 5D Mark III photographs from my Light workshop in Alaska with Hal "Bull" Schmitt. Scroll down for previous Alaska posts.

Landscape photography tips:
- Use a telephoto lens to isolate elements in a scene. Above I used my Canon 400mm DO lens. I took this shot from a moving boat.
-  When the sky is filled with dramatic clouds, place the horizon line at the bottom of the frame.
- Envision black and white images . . . think in tones, rather than colors.
- Create dramatic black and white images with Nik Silver Efex Pro. When working in Silver Efex Pro, use a digital Red filter to darken the sky.To get a discount on all Nik plug-ins, and the other plug-ins I use, click here.
- Shoot into the sun for dramatic images and strong shadows, as illustrated above. Use Shadows/Highlights for creative control.
- Compose carefully. That was the key in the image below. For tips on creative composition, see my Composition class on Kelby Training.

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Hal and I hope to see you in Alaska aboard the Norther Song, whose master and commander is Captain Dennis Rogers. The best of the best.

Explore the light,