First HDR with Canon 5D Mark III

We see the world in HDR, cameras do not. Enter the Canon 5D Mark III.

One of the many cool features of the new camera is its ability to shoot and process HDR images in camera. You set set the exposure range (+/-1, +/-2, +/-3), select a processing type (Neutral, Art standard, Art Vivid, Art bold and Art embossed), and choose to save only your HDR image only or your HDR image and your original images. Your HDR image is saved as a JPEG.

Your set of images is magically aligned in camera. In the alignment process, you might lose some of the edge of your frame - so shoot a bit wider than normal.

I made this HDR shot in Sitka, Alaska about an hour ago. It's my first Canon 5D Mark III HDR image. I needed HDR to capture the shadow detail, the detail in the hull of the boat in the foreground, and the detail in the snow on the mountain in the background. My settings: +/-2 and Art Vivid. Handled.

To learn more about HDR, check out my iHDR app on my app page.

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I also teach HDR on all my workshops. Speaking of which, I am in Alaska with Bull Schmitt teaching a wildlife, landscape and travel photography workshop for Light. Pictures to come when we get back to shore in about a week. Hal and I hope to see you at the California Photo Fest.

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