Tuesday's Talented On-Line Find: John Harvey

© John Harvey
There are many talented photographers out there - and it's easier to discover talent thanks to the internet.

This past Wednesday, I was conducting one of my Tough Love portfolio review sessions with photographer John Harvey. John is a good photographer. He just needed some reinforcement . . . . and long with some needed business advice, which I provided.

His shot here is one of my favorites.

John on his photo: Sunrise shot from the pier on St. Simons Island, GA.  

I wanted to capture the peace and calm of the morning. Sunrises are a special time for me, the few minutes before your day turns hectic, when all is right in the world. 

• • • • • 

Interested in a Tough Love session? Check out the comments below from past participants. A little tough love can go a long way to becoming a better photographer. Info at Tough Love.

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