8 Days of HDR: Day 2 - Old Barn

Final HDR image
In this series I'll share some of my favorite HDR images and tips. Enjoy.

Title: Old Barn

Location: Nelson, Nevada

Exposures:  0, +2, -2, -4

First HDR image without enhancement to windows.
Tip: Think and work selectively. Compare the windows in these two HDR images. In the image directly above, the scene outside looks relatively flat. In the opening image for this post, the outdoor scene looks more vibrant. That’s because I brought the image into Photoshop, selected the widows, and then boosted the saturation, contrast and sharpness of those areas. I created this image before the introduction of Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro. That awesome plug-in offers control points that let you work selectively without having to leave HDR Efex Pro.

HDR sequence.

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