8 Days of HDR: Day 3 - The Green Jalopy

Final HDR Image
In this series I'll share some of my favorite HDR images and tips. Enjoy.

Title: The Green Jalopy

Location, Los Osos, California

Exposures: 0, -2, +2 EV

HDR sequence.
Tips: Don’t just take an HDR picture, make an HDR pictue. Here I placed the saddle on the hood of the car and positioned the boots by the wheel. On a previous vista to this location, I had seen the saddle on the hood.

This is a hand-held HDR sequence. You can hand-hold HDR sequences if you have a wide-angle lens (the wider the better), shoot at a relatively fast shutter speed, and use rapid frame advance. The fast shutter speed and rapid frame advance helps with the alignment of the images. When you hand-hold HDR sequences, hold very, very still.

Also, some HDR programs/plug-ins don't handle reds and oranges very well. To compensate, selectively reduce the saturation of the over saturated colors.

Speaking of selectively: always sharpen selectively. Here, there would be reason to sharpen the entire image. sharping the shadow areas would increase the noise in those areas.

You'll find more HDR info in my iHDR iPad app and iHDR for your Mac.

Click here to see the plug-ins I use for HDR.

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