Photo Sundial - a Must for Any Photographer


I have received tons of "thank you" emails and have seen many positive links and posts about Photo Sundial, my iPhone and iPad app for finding the best light - anywhere on the planet. 

Here's a Facebook note from Kevin Wyllie. Follow the dude on Facebook. His work is awesome.

Thank you Kev!

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Hi Rick, I just wanted to let you know that your SunDial app has been an incredible aid to my wedding business. I used Sunseeker before, but find that having the ability to set any date as well as the venue has enabled me to actually discuss how I'd shoot a wedding when a bride is making an inquiry!

I've used it at weddings and have had several brides actually book me when they see how much care I put into the details like this. One bride has booked a remote castle for late-2015 and her mother wasn't too keen on using me as I hadn't shot there before, and she kept reminding me about another tog who she liked and who "has shot there lots of times and always takes a lovely shot on a bridge over the river" 60 seconds later I was showing her why that particular shot wouldn't work on her daughters wedding day, as it would be in deep shadow from the surrounding woodland. I then showed her the time it would work for her (a 30-minute window, much later in the day than they had wanted a photographer there).

"If you want that shot, you MUST be on that bridge at that time, irrespective of who your photographer is."


Please make sure you tell this to whoever you book" needless to say, this level of planning and detail, almost two years from her daughters date, melted her and I got the booking.

Thanks, Rick - SunDial is a must-have for ANY photographer!

All the best,

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