Bad Light + Reflector + Diffuser + Plug-ins = Good Light

Making pictures. That's one of the things we like to do on my photo workshops. Having fun is another!

On my recent South Beach photo workshop, I demonstrated how to make a picture by turning bad light into good light by using:
• a diffuser (to soften harsh shadows),
• a reflector (to increase the contrast on a subject and to add catch light to a subject's eyes),
• plug-ins to enhance the subject.

Above is a behind-the-scenes shot of our "model-on-a-jet-ski"shoot. That's my friend Cesar Rivera (who heads up New Way Photography in Ft. Lauderdale) on the left holding a Westcott refelctor, and that's me on the right holding a Westcott diffuser.

I used the following  filters in Nik Color Efex Pro to enhance my shot: Classic Soft Focus, Dynamic Skin Softener, and Reflector Effects.

Above is another before-and-after example that illustrates the benefits of using a reflector/diffuser and plug-ins to make a picture/control the light.

Above is a behind-the-scenes shot of our "model/American" flag shoot.

The main messages of this post:
1) Make pictures;
2) If you like people photography, don't leave home without a refelctor/diffuser kit. If you don't have one, check out my own Westcott Light Controller and Tote Kit.

My camera/lens for these shoots: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-105mm IS lens.

All the plug-ins I use are listed here. Note: You can save a bundle on plug-in bundles (all the plug-ins in a collection) on that page!

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