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Learn About Composition & Light On My Workshops and On-Line

Composition is the strongest way of seeing. The main difference between the opening image for this post and the image below is composition. The picture below is a composition mess.

The opening photograph illustrates an important composition technique: separation between the elements in a scene. Most of the time, separation is a good thing.

Composition is important, but so is light. Light, after all, is the main element in every photograph, so we need to learn how to see and capture the light. The two elements that make this photograph pleasing are a good exposure and nice light. My # 1 lighting tip: expose for the highlights.

I teach composition and getting a good exposure on my workshops.

If you can’t make a workshop, check out my KelbyOne on-line training classes on composition and light.

To help you find the best light, anywhere around the world, check out my latest app, Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial. The app also includes my best tips for photographing at sunrise and sunset. Weather and phases of the moon info is included, too.

FYI: I made these photographs this past weekend in Alaska while co-leading a photo workshop with my good friend Hal “Bull” Schmitt, director of the Light Photographic Workshops.

Hal and I are co-leading a Death Valley Photo Workshop in 2015. Join the fun in the sun? The workshop will focus on landscape photography, model photography, HDR, Lightroom and Photoshop.

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All This Week: Arches, Bryce and Zion Images

rick sammon copy 2.jpg
My Southwest Photo Caravan Digital Photography Workshop is well underway. Even though all the National Parks are closed, we are still making great images, making new friends and having wonderful experiences.

Above: On the way to Goblin Valley State Park. Below, Arches National Park before it closed.

rick sammon milky way copy.jpg

For more images, see my Google+ page.

All my workshops are listed on my 2014 Workshops page.

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P.S. Below: I'm getting ready to shoot before the workshop started :-) 


New Educational Project in the Works

rick sammon sand dunes.jpg

I haven't been blogging lately for two reasons:

1 - the internet in my hotel is slooooooooow;

2 - I am working on an exciting new educational project in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. Here's a shot from day 1 of the project. Stay tuned for more info on the project . . . and on landscape photography.

This shot: HDR, Canon 5D Mark III, 15mm lens.

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