I'm Still Photographing . . . after all these years

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Yesterday, someone asked me the same question that I have been asked a few times already this year: "So Rick, are you still shooting?"

I get asked that question because I am very involved with photo education, including on-line training. I also give about a dozens seminars a year. And yes, I do focus on the business end of photography, producing apps, such as my Social Media Marketing for Photographers app, which is listed on My Apps page. FYI: all the successful photographers you follow are good business people.

Being 62 may also have something to do with getting asked the question - as does being called "The Godfather."  :-)

The question reminds me of the Elton John/Bernie Taupin song, "I'm Still Standing." So yes, I'm still photographing. The thing is, I shoot now more than ever - and have more workshops and seminars planned for next year than every before.

But as my first boss told me, "Sammon, perception is everything."

I had some spare time today, so I thought I'd share with you my favorite pictures that I took this year - along with a tip for each photograph. All of the photographs in this post were taken on my workshops. If you want to make pictures like these, come on workshop. They are all listed on my Workshops page.

Above: Cowboy, Spearfish, SD.
Tip: Make pictures, just don't take pictures. We made this picture by carefully posing the cowboy in a barn in a location where shafts of lights illuminated the background.

rick sammon Eagel 1.jpg

Above: Alaska
Tip: Use focus tracking to keep a fast-moving subject in sharp focus.

rick sammon-1.jpg

Above: Coney Island
Tip: Shoot toward the sun for dramatic photographs. Remember: light illuminates, shadows define.

rick sammon wales.jpg

Above: Conwy, North Wales
Tip: Check your histogram and highlight alert to ensure correctly exposed highlights.

© Rick Sammon motocross.jpg

Above: Tampa area, Florida
Tip: Shoot with both eyes open, so you can see what may come into your frame to enhance or ruin a picture.

rick sammon plymouth.jpg

Above: Plymouth, MA
Tip: Watch the background - it can make or break a photograph. Here the rider stands out in the frame due to the dark and simple background.

rick sammon  VLR W copy.jpg

Above: Very Large Array, New Mexico
Tip: Use a sturdy tripod. For very long exposures, you'll need a sturdy tripod. Don't skimp on a tripod. Buy right and you will not need to buy a second tripod.

rick sammon bosque.jpg

Above: Bosque del Apache, New Mexico
Tip: You snooze your lose. We got up at 4 AM to be on site to make photographs like this one.

rick sammon iceland.jpg

Above: Iceland
Tip: Crop creatively. It makes a big difference in the impact of your photographs.

rick sammon stars.jpg

Above: Oregon Coast
Tip: Be prepared with the right clothing. On my Oregon Coast Photo Caravan, we wore knee-high rubber boots to keep our feet dry while were we shooting at low tide.

sammon death valley.jpg

Above: Death Valley
Tip: Use standard composition rules - like including an "S" curve in your frame - to draw interest to landscapes. But then, break the rules and follow your heart.

sammon surfer.jpg

Above: California Coast
Tip: When shooting a silhouette, place the sun directly behind the subject.

sammon mono lake.jpg

Above: Mono Lake
Tip: The best time to photograph sunrise is when the sun is just about to peek over the horizon.

sammon model.jpg

Above: Atlanta, Georgia
Tip: Give yourself a fun portrait assignment: use a mirror.

sammon HDR.jpg

Above: San Antonio, NM
Tip: When shooting HDR, make sure you take enough exposures to capture the entire dynamic range of the scene. You usually want to see into the shadows while not blowing out the highlights.

rick model delray.jpg

Above: Delray Beach, FL
Tip: Awaken the artist within with plug-ins. Here I used the Nik's Midnight filter in Color Efex Pro on an HDR image. You can save on plug-ins on my Save on Plug-ins Page.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I had fun putting it together. What's more, the next time someone asks me if I still shoot, I can just send them a link.

I hope to see you on a workshop. We'll shoot side by side and make good images.

Explore the light,


P.S. I created the image you saw over on Google+ in Photoshop. I teach Photoshop, too, on my workshops.

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